The Best Gifts for Your Friend Who Loves to Read

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Reading can be a fantastic leisure activity. Whether it’s a great novel that takes you on a journey, or an informative book that offers practical guidance, reading has an unlimited number of benefits and is an excellent escape for individuals who love books. Reading can be an individual pursuit or a social activity. If you have a friend or family member who loves to read, you may be wondering what types of gifts could best fit their interests and spark their passions. Here are some fantastic and beautiful gift ideas that you can give to your bookworm friend to make their day!

1. A Kindle

An electronic book reader is always a thoughtful gift for someone who loves reading. With a Kindle, you can purchase, download, and read thousands of digital books. They are lightweight, offer features like adjustable font size, and can store entire libraries in one small device. This is a great gift for anyone who travels frequently since they can take an entire library with them.

2. A Bookish Subscription Box

Subscription services have become prominent over the last few years, and gift boxes that cater to book lovers are no exception. These boxes can include items such as new and upcoming books, literary-themed items like bookmarks, candles, and even tea blends. You can choose a monthly subscription, or a one-time gift box for a particular occasion, such as a birthday or special occasion.

3. Bookends

Bookends are an amazing way to keep your book collection organized and neat. They can be personalized or themed to match the reader’s taste. A set of bookends also serves as a decorative element for a reader’s space while also holding their books upright.

4. Personalized Bookmarks

Personalized bookmarks can be great to pair with a new book gift. They’re incredibly thoughtful and offer that little personal touch that always goes a long way. You can buy personalized bookmarks from various online shops, or you could create your own DIY bookmarks. You could add a photo of you and your friend, a picture of their favorite book character, or quotes from books they love.

5. A Reading Journal

A reading journal is an excellent way to help your bookworm friend stay organized and keep track of the books they have read, including details such as the author, the genre, their thoughts, or a favorite quote. They can also use a reading journal to track the books they still want to read and set reading goals.


These gift ideas are perfect for someone who loves reading and are sure to make any book lover’s day. Whether it’s a Kindle to expand their reading horizons, a personalized bookmark, or a reading journal, these gifts are sure to show your friend how much you care about their passion. Any book lover would be thrilled to receive any of these thoughtful gifts, so unleash your creative side and find the perfect present for your friend who loves to read!

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