The Best Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

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Netflix has a wide variety of documentaries, ranging from true crime to nature to political history, and everything in between. However, with the vast number of documentaries available, it can be challenging to decide what to watch. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best documentaries to watch on Netflix.

1. “Making a Murderer” – A true-crime documentary that follows Steven Avery, a man who was exonerated for a crime he didn’t commit, only to be convicted of murder a few years later. The series takes a deep dive into the flaws in the criminal justice system and the possible corruption that led to Avery’s wrongful conviction.

2. “The Social Dilemma” – An eye-opening documentary that looks at how social media platforms operate and the negative impact they can have on our lives. The documentary argues that social media companies prioritize profit over the well-being of their users, and the result is a dangerous addiction to technology and a loss of privacy.

3. “Our Planet” – A stunningly beautiful nature documentary that highlights the beauty of our planet while also highlighting the impact of climate change. The series examines how humans are pushing the planet to its limits and what we can do to protect the remaining wilderness areas of the world.

4. “Dirty Money” – This series takes a look at financial scandals and corruption in the United States. The documentary provides detailed information about the people behind the scandals and highlights the consequences that come as a result of greed and corruption.

5. “Wild Wild Country” – This documentary tells the story of the Rajneeshpuram community, a religious cult that occupied a small town in Oregon in the 1980s. The series explores the rise and eventual fall of the community and how their actions affected the residents of the town they took over.

6. “The Keepers” – This true-crime documentary tells the story of the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun who taught at a Baltimore Catholic school in the 1960s. The series investigates the possible connections between her murder, sexual abuse within the school, and possible police and church cover-up of the crime.

7. “Fyre” – This documentary tells the story of the Fyre Festival, a highly anticipated music festival that was marketed as a luxury experience on a private island. The festival was a complete disaster, and the documentary provides an in-depth look at the people behind the festival and the events that led to one of the biggest fiascos in music festival history.

In conclusion, Netflix has some excellent documentaries to offer, and there is something for everyone. From true crime to nature and environmental documentaries to political documentaries, there is plenty to choose from that will keep you engaged and informed. So, if you’re stuck on what to watch next, give one of these top-rated documentaries a try.

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