Scale VC’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship

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Scale VC’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurship

Scale VC has long been committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the world of entrepreneurship. The venture capital firm recognizes the importance of creating a more representative and equitable startup ecosystem, and has actively worked towards supporting underrepresented founders in their journey towards success. With an unwavering commitment to diversity, Scale VC has implemented various initiatives and strategies to address the lack of representation and provide equal opportunities to entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

One of the key ways Scale VC is tackling diversity and inclusion is through their investment decisions. The firm firmly believes that by investing in a diverse range of founders, they can foster innovation and drive economic growth. Scale VC actively seeks out entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities, including women, people of color, and individuals from different socioeconomic backgrounds. By doing so, they aim to create a more inclusive entrepreneurship landscape, where all entrepreneurs have an equal chance to succeed.

In addition to their investment decisions, Scale VC also provides a range of resources and support to help founders overcome the barriers they may face. The firm recognizes that underrepresented founders often lack access to networks and resources that can be vital for entrepreneurial success. To address this, Scale VC offers mentorship programs, educational workshops, and networking opportunities to their portfolio companies. This not only helps founders connect with industry experts and potential investors but also provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to scale their businesses.

Furthermore, Scale VC actively collaborates with organizations and initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem. They have formed partnerships with diversity-focused accelerators, organizations, and events, such as Black Girls Code, All Raise, and Techstars. These collaborations aim to amplify the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by supporting initiatives that are working towards empowering underrepresented founders and creating a more equitable startup landscape.

Scale VC has also taken steps towards increasing diversity within their own team. The firm recognizes that fostering an inclusive culture starts from within, and actively seeks to recruit and promote individuals from diverse backgrounds. By having a diverse team, Scale VC can gain valuable insights, perspectives, and networks that contribute to their ability to support underrepresented founders effectively.

In conclusion, Scale VC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship is commendable. Through their investment decisions, resources, partnerships, and internal practices, Scale VC is actively working towards creating a more representative and equitable startup ecosystem. With their unwavering commitment to supporting underrepresented founders, Scale VC is paving the way for a future where anyone, regardless of their background, has an equal opportunity to succeed in entrepreneurship.

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Founded in 2021 by Willy and Jabbok Schlacks and Jai Malik, Scale VC is an early-stage venture capital fund and studio investing monetary and social capital in early-stage tech founders who are strengthened by struggle. Scale brings a team of dedicated operators who have the insights & support from building billion-dollar companies to remove unnecessary barriers, so founders can focus on the hard stuff that matters. Headquartered in Columbia, Mo., Scale VC is investing in founders across North America and is at the center of creating a Silicon Valley effect in the Midwest and beyond.

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