The ultimate guide to island hopping in the Rosario Islands

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The Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping in the Rosario Islands

If you’re planning your next getaway in Colombia and are looking for a tropical paradise, look no further than the Rosario Islands. Located just off the coast of Cartagena, these islands are a hidden gem that offer stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and an abundance of marine life. Here is your ultimate guide to island hopping in the Rosario Islands.

Getting there:
To reach the Rosario Islands, you’ll need to take a boat from Cartagena. There are various options available, from speedboats to private charters. The journey takes about an hour, but the scenic views along the way make it worth it.

Choosing the islands:
There are 27 islands in the Rosario archipelago, each with its own unique charm. Before your trip, research and decide which islands you want to visit based on your preferences. Some islands are known for their vibrant coral reefs, while others are renowned for their pristine beaches and lush greenery.

Island hopping in the Rosario Islands offers a wealth of activities for all types of travelers. Snorkeling and diving are popular, as the crystal-clear waters allow you to explore the vibrant coral reefs and encounter colorful marine life. You can also try your hand at fishing or take a boat tour of the mangroves.

Beach hopping:
One of the best ways to experience the Rosario Islands is by beach hopping. Each island has its own unique beach, ranging from secluded coves to lively strips lined with beach bars. Don’t miss Playa Blanca, known for its powdery white sands and turquoise waters, or Isla Grande’s beautiful, palm-fringed shores.

The Rosario Islands are not just a tropical paradise; they are also an eco-tourism hotspot. The National Natural Park of Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo protects the archipelago’s delicate ecosystems, including mangroves, seagrass beds, and coral reefs. Take the opportunity to learn about the conservation efforts happening on the islands and participate in activities that promote sustainability.

While day trips to the Rosario Islands are popular, staying overnight is highly recommended for a more immersive experience. You’ll have the chance to enjoy the islands when they are less crowded and witness breathtaking sunsets. There are a variety of accommodation options available, from luxury resorts to eco-lodges.

No visit to the Rosario Islands would be complete without sampling the local cuisine. Seafood lovers will be in paradise, with an array of fresh fish, shrimp, and lobster dishes available at the island’s restaurants. Don’t miss the chance to try traditional Colombian dishes like coconut rice and fried plantains.

In summary, the Rosario Islands offer a tropical paradise just a stone’s throw from Cartagena. With their stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and abundance of marine life, they are a must-visit destination for any traveler seeking relaxation and adventure. So start planning your island-hopping adventure and experience the magic of the Rosario Islands today!

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